MetrôRio in 2014 World Cup


If the partnership with MetrôRio always generates great results, imagine in the World Cup.

The World Cup in Rio was a party. And MetrôRio did not stay out. Before and during the tournament, special actions took place on the trains and stations, which were also set with the theme. The atmosphere of the World Cup infected everyone and promoted the fraternization among the fans on the way to the games. Then it was celebrating.  


The emotion of football narratives took over the wagons on arrival at Maracanã, São Cristóvão, São Francisco Xavier, Cardeal Arcoverde and Siqueira Campos stations. The voice of Luis Penido, the legend of Rio’s sports radio, echoed in the sound system, replacing the traditional subway warnings with humorous texts related to the World Cup.

May I help you?

Bilingual volunteers came on the field and helped tourists speaking English and Spanish.