Expofood Stand


The stand filled its eyes. And the activations gave a special taste to BRF’s participation in Expofood.


To highlight BRF’s participation in one of the largest food and beverage fairs in Latin America, we created a stand that served as a complete communication platform: at the same time that it translated the attributes of BRF brands, it presented its launches and the main products. In addition, it served as a business space and relationship with supermarkets.


Qualy Aéra

The new aerated texture made Qualy Aéra 25% lighter. So light that it really floated in the space we created for the brand. Using a special magnetic display, we got an effect that surprised the visitors.

“Smile, there’s food ready in the freezer!”

In Perdigão space, a friendly message on the refrigerator door aroused the curiosity of the visitors. When they opened the freezer, they saw the new ready-made dishes of Perdigão and, unknowingly, triggered a camera, being photographed by surprise. The photo turned a refrigerator magnet to take away as souvenir.

  • 1 Flying Qualy
  • 12 Infamous puns in the garden
  • +500 Photos in the refrigerator