Solar Station DPSP


Welcome to DPSP’s Solar Station!

To publicize the launches of Consumer Health Care Summer for the sales team of drugstores São Paulo and Pacheco, we produced for the DPSP group a super project with the presentation of each manufacturer in a studio equipped with the reproduction of their POS’s in the essence of each of the products.

As the event took place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, all protocols and care were followed in an extreme manner, with tests done pre-event, complete sanitization of the studio after each recording, including personal items, in addition to the protocols basic safety standards imposed by WHO.

The event was entirely virtual, within a platform that allows conventions to be held online. The platform designed for the DPSP group had a customized layout according to the event’s KV and met all demands, with a plenary and virtual and interactive stands of the brands present, in addition to chats that connected more than 25 thousand employees from all over the country.

In all, there were 10 days of campaign with 8 brands involved, 18 lives with manufacturers and their POS’s for each of the products, 1400 POS’s directly impacted and a closing show by “Inimigos da HP” band.

  • 10 campaign days
  • +25K connected collaborators
  • 18 lives
  • 1400 POS's impacted