Coca-Cola House


Coca-Cola House: the place to live golden moments.

At the 2016 Olympic Games, Coca-Cola curves found Rio curves in the heart of Copacabana. During the Games, the brand’s global house received VIP guests in an inspiring space. The whole scenographic project of Coca-Cola House was made by us. During the 20 days of the Games, guests were greeted on Sofitel’s event floor in a fully enveloped environment with brand language. The set design also included pieces of furniture built exclusively for the space, fixtures made with the iconic Coca-Cola bottles and a dance floor with energy-generating floor.


Generator Floor

The dance floor rocked. With each step of the guests, a special mechanism generated energy to light a panel of Coca-Cola bottles that set the space.  The energy generator floor was pure success.

Key Card

The keys to Sofitel’s rooms also dressed as Coca-Cola. We produce key cards in PVC and card holders to store them.

Message in a Bottle

Using a special printing technology, bottles of Coca-Cola in aluminum could be customized with messages or with the names of the guests.


  • 1.500 Of printed canvas
  • 7 Trucks of scenographic material
  • 6.000 Guests in 20 days of event
  • 15.000KW Generated by the dance floor