Adidas NBA 3X


The proof that “impossible is nothing”: we turn ordinary people into giants of basketball.

After two editions in São Paulo, Adidas brought the NBA 3X to Rio. The event, dedicated to basketball fans, has crowded Madureira Park. Our challenge was to create an attractive space for the brand, able to bring show room, online product sales and photo opportunity together.


Impossible Room

In Adidas’ “Impossible Room”, designed especially to create an optical illusion and ensure the most unlikely pictures, children and adults were the same size and everyone could turn into a giant, by choosing the “right” side of the room. The space was one of the most disputed of the event and thousands of photos went to the social media.

  • 2 Days of event
  • +1.000 Photos shared
  • 2.400 New giants of the courts
  • 345 Failed basket attempts