Oi Rio Pro


While the world’s top surfers were showcasing at the sea, OI was present in the sand with creative and radical activations.

During Rio de Janeiro WCT 2017, the world surfing elite has transformed the coast of Rio into the perfect setting for the biggest water races. And Oi did not lose the chance to make a good showing. With a Californian vintage footprint, the brand’s stand featured wi-fi, umbrella loan, cell phone storage and autograph sessions.  


People’s kombi

The photo Kombi was the most wanted activation of the event. A cheerful group took a ride on the idea and had fun posing for photos, which were printed and shared on social media.

Air Medina

Fans of the strongest emotions lined up to enjoy the activation, a sort of slat-board at the heights. Medina himself did not resist and tried some maneuvers.

Tarp surf

Surfing and skateboarding fans felt the thrill of surfing an impromptu wave.

Tarp Surf’s set took place the weekend before the WCT and helped publicize Oi’s sponsorship of the championship.


  • +4.000 Photos in the Kombi
  • 450 Surfboard tubes on canvas
  • 700 Photos of aerials
  • 00 Air drops