Oi Galera NBA 3X


The most incredible dunks of the championship were not from the stars of the NBA. They were on the court of Oi Galera.

Back in Rio, NBA 3X had Oi as the event’s master sponsor. The 3-on-3 basketball championship took place on Ipanema Beach and brought fans of the sport together in a big arena. The perfect opportunity for Oi to approach young audiences and activate Oi Galera.  


Giant Footprint

To spread Oi NBA 3X in a “clean” and creative manner, we left a big footprint in the sand with Oi Galera logo and the event mark. In addition to being shocking and effective, the action happened without producing any type of residue.

Elastic court

The crowd that participated of the action jumped in a trampoline to dunk in Oi Galera hoop. Two cameras positioned at different angles recorded the “plays”, worthy of the biggest stars of the NBA. Participants shared their photos on Facebook and got a print version on time.


  • +1.500 Printed photos
  • +2.000 Photos shared on Facebook
  • 600 Beach wraps of the crowd