Oi Bowl Jam


Oi Bowl Jam. A maneuver that began in Madureira Park and ended in Praça do Ó.

In addition to sponsoring Oi Bowl Jam, a skateboarding championship held at Madureira Park, Oi also activated the event at Praça do Ó. The idea was to mirror the competition at another major peak of the city and strengthen the brand’s relationship with the street sports crowd. To face the challenge, we set up in the Square a screen to transmit, in real time, the championship. In addition, several workshops moved the programming.  


SK8 is the art of the streets

The greatest names in urban art in Rio de Janeiro involved the public with graffiti and shapes customization workshops. Fathers, mothers and children also enjoyed family skateboarding classes and participated in the co-creation of obstacle for the track.

Sound on the track

Battles of MCs and sets of DJs guaranteed the sound quality and cheered the crowd that passed by.


  • 500 Participants
  • 60 Custom shapes