Premiere O Outro Lado do Paraíso


O Outro Lado do Paraíso: a premiere party worthy of prime time.

Jalapão’s climate took over Parque Lage on the night of the 9 PM soap opera. We developed a scenographic project inspired by significant elements of Tocantins culture. The golden grass, for example, was highlighted with a wire installation in the pool of the mansion, remembering the work of the artist Lygia Pape.

Expo “Capim – Olhares do Jalapão”

The nature, the people and the city of the center-west were also the subject of an exhibition of photos and illustrations by artists Kammal João and Ramón Vasconcelos.

Launched during the party, the expo counted on an amazing mapped projection, that reproduced texts, illustrations, sounds captured in Tocantins and audios recorded by Fernanda Montenegro.

After the event, the gallery was open to the public and even those who were not at the premiere could feel a taste of Jalapão.


“I think it’s very elegant, I think Parque Lage is an area of freedom, of art. It could not be in a better place. I think it was the most beautiful soap opera premiere event I’ve ever been to.” – Mauro Mendonça Filho (general director of the soap opera)

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  • 10 Days of exhibition: "Capim: Olhares do Jalapão"