2018 DPGP Convention


I love DPGP. An entire sales convention worked on the digital. For employees and followers.

This was the 7th sales convention we created and produced for L’Oréal Brasil’s Public Products Division (DPGP). And as expected, we innovate once more.  The big highlight was the unprecedented partnership with Google and its YouTube Space, the second largest studio of the brand in the world. The scenario of the event was also not conventional: it took place in Warehouse 2, in the new port area of Rio.  


Influencers YouTube Space

While guests were taking part in the plenary sessions and met the main DPGP news, digital influencers occupied all YouTube Space studios producing content on L’Oréal’s releases. At the end of the day, the brand’s 100 largest customers were also welcomed in the space to present DPGP digital strategy. The action, unprecedented, set the tongues wagging in social networks as in the media, extending the scope of the convention far beyond L’Oréal’s team.

VLT with DPGP face

Enveloped with the identity of the convention, the VLT was the official transportation of the event, taking the guests from Prodigy Hotel to the port area and announcing DPGP on the way.


  • 400 Stories
  • +1.7MM Interactions
  • 246MM Potential Reach
  • 500 Employees proud to be part of this team