Ernst&Young House


A house that has received everyone with open doors: customers, stakeholders and awards.

EY’s first hospitality center at Olympic Games was under our responsibility. With a not very high investment, the challenge was to guarantee the exposure of the brand, optimizing the resources and acting with intelligence. Focused on business and networking, the House received customers, stakeholders and reinforced the positioning of the brand and its partnership with Flamengo. The space, located on the 3rd floor of Gávea club, also housed the Olympians Reunion Center World, from the World Olympians Association.  


We created a scenario inspired by the positioning of the brand and in the context of the moment. We value entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment and equal rights between men and women. In addition, we use various references from the sports world, especially an actual rowing boat on one of the walls of the space.


  • +3.000
  • 400 Guests per day
  • #1 Rio 2016 Best Hospitality House - award granted by the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro (ACRio) in partnership with the Municipal Olympic Company (EOM) and the Secretariat of International Relations of the State of Rio de Janeiro.